What is reverse dropshipping? How should a beginner get started with reverse dropshipping? (2023)

In today's digital world, eCommerce is bigger than ever and is emerging as the new business nomad. In fact, you're likely to see people shopping on social media like Instagram, Facebook, and others. Not only that, you must have seen people buy products from companies you heard about right from your phone.

What is reverse dropshipping? How should a beginner get started with reverse dropshipping? (1)

If you are a retailer, this trend is only good news. Here is your chance to explore the market for people who want to make money from ecommerce. Because of this, many retail businesses use a product fulfillment method calleddirect delivery. Also, you don't need to invest in inventory to make sales.

However, dropshipping can be done anywhere. Whether it's a side hustle or a full-time career, you'll definitely appreciate it. In doing so, you need to understand what reverse dropshipping means. In this article, we'll walk you through the meaning of dropshipping and many other terms. Are you ready to see what we have for you in this article today? Read on to find out more!

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  • Why You Should Consider Reverse Dropshipping (Pros)?
  • Challenges and Difficulties of Reverse Dropshipping (Cons)
  • Should You Choose Reverse Dropshipping?
  • Reverse dropshipping of niche products
  • What you should know before you start reverse dropshipping
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Have you searched the internet for the right definition of reverse dropshipping? Look no further because we have everything you need on this platform. The term reverses dropshipping as a business model where high-quality products come from countries that typically import products that are sold in another country.

While it might seem interchangeable with dropshipping, many people get it wrong. It's now just a niche in dropshipping that not many companies know about or don't invest in. However, we can say that there are tremendous benefits to companies that actively engage in reverse dropshipping.

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In today's article, we're excited to share these benefits with you. It also saves you a lot of stress and contributes to your long-term success. Would it be a wise decision to switch to an ecommerce store or start a reverse dropshipping business? And is there a real market for it? Let's see how this works.

Why You Should Consider Reverse Dropshipping (Pros)?

Before we get into all the details of reverse dropshipping, let's simply explain this business model. Because of this, we need to move quickly to the regular dropshipping model. You're probably wondering what that means.

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What is reverse dropshipping? How should a beginner get started with reverse dropshipping? (3)

Well, it's all about creating a product listing for the product you want to ship. The product listing can also be on your own website on an online marketplace like eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon and others. In this case, go to your dropshipping provider after receiving an order for the product to be shipped. However, your supplier ships the product directly to your customers. Without further ado, here are the reasons why you should consider reverse dropshipping.

1. Less competitive

One benefit of reverse dropshipping to keep in mind is that the competition is much less. In this case, the competition you will have to deal with will be significantly less. This is due to the fact that many people dropship on a regular basis. In fact, starting a dropshipping business these days is so easy that almost anyone can jump on the bandwagon. Since you have stable internet access, you could do this.

Surprisingly, relatively few people know what reverse dropshipping means. Even those who don't know think that it's quite difficult to get started. While the process can seem really challenging due to the harsh conditions, once you understand how it works, you will be successful.

2. Opportunity to reach a large market

With the expansion of reverse dropshipping in countries like China, there is a tremendous opportunity for users to enter this market. Today, China is by far the leading country in the world when it comes to a higher percentage of e-commerce sales versus retail sales. And that's why you should try reverse dropshipping.

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3. Good return policy from supplier

Another advantage of reserve dropshipping is that you can certainly use suppliers with good return policies. Since poor return policies are common among dropshipping companies, offering incentives to customers is arguably the best solution. Therefore, it is best to work with a provider that offers a good refund policy.

4. Better margins for users

Another attractive aspect of reverse dropshipping is that the dropshipping profit margin is higher than that of the regular or traditional model. Since almost everyone involved in the dropshipping business usually relies on buying inferior products in bulk, the competition is quite low and this can allow them to make huge profits later on.

In addition, your dependence on inferior products can harm your business. And that's why you mainly focus on selling smaller quantities of high-quality and high-demand products. In this case, your profit margin will be higher, as will your margin. Therefore, you need to spend more time learning how it works.

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Challenges and Difficulties of Reverse Dropshipping (Cons)

While reverse dropshipping offers many of the things that make ecommerce easy today, there are downsides to be aware of. In this section we have compiled the disadvantages, challenges and difficulties of reverse dropshipping today. In short, check it out below.

1. Strict barrier to entry

Unfortunately, many countries have strict requirements as to what products can be sold and who can sell them in their country. Sometimes the import of certain products such as food and beverages, electronics, medicine and many others are likely to be regulated in the market you are considering.

In this case, if you are thinking of selling groceries, wine or even baked goods online, the reverse dropshipping model is probably not the right choice. Hence, selection is one of the many mistakes dropshipping beginners make. In the long term, logistics could become difficult and that would affect you too.

2. Language barrier

One of the main barriers that you can expect during the reverse dropshipping process is the language barrier. Although English has been taught in Chinese schools for many years, few people in the country are fluent in English. Therefore, the ability to write, speak, and read the Chinese language fluently is a fairly strict requirement that you must meet.

3. Dealing with different market conditions

Innovation is evolving, and with the way the dollar fluctuates without getting the true e-commerce offering, one should expect an imbalance in the market. This is why finding a stable market is important when diving into your dropshipping plans.

A good example is Google and Facebook (meta), which are blocked in China. As such, much of the knowledge you gained about Google Ads or Facebook Ads may not benefit you. Instead, you need to focus your marketing efforts on other related platforms that are accepted in the country, like Baidu.

Should You Choose Reverse Dropshipping?

Choosing reverse dropshipping should be your next step. You may have tried the regular dropshipping business, but that seems too easy when fewer people are doing the business. Simply put, instead of relying on big ecommerce and Shopify, you can use them as your supplier, which means reversing the entire drop shipping model with the benefits highlighted in this article. We can say that reverse dropshipping is one of the things that you must try today.

Reverse dropshipping of niche products

Maybe you don't know where to start and have found it difficult to find the right niche. Choosing the right niche is an important step in achieving your dropshipping business goal. And it really is the one we often see arrested. In short, below are niche reverse dropshipping products.

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1. Niche for clothing and accessories

One of the most popular dropshipping niches to consider if you want to start this business is clothing and accessories. In fact, it is one of the inexpensive products that you can sell and get your profit in no time. The key here is to narrow your product offering to a specific theme that will allow you to differentiate and define your brand over the long term.

2. Health and hygiene niche

Another niche with plenty of room to grow is health and personal care products. With this, you can consider buying skin creams, lotions, hair care products, and more. Not only that, but this product can be priced a bit higher to get as much margin as possible. Since body care products are usually very cheap, it is easy to increase the margin.

3. Food and grocery niche

While not all groceries are good dropship options, there is a huge market for snacks and other non-perishable items. That means if you want to sell baked goods online you can, but drop shipping might not be the right option. Instead, we recommend that you focus on non-perishable goods and try selling alcohol online, selling whiskey online and many others just to name a few.

4. Electronics

We have already discussed in this article that electronics is one of the things you should consider if you want to get into reverse dropshipping. You could end up with crappy electronics that no one wants, or a small dropshipping markup. But focusing on low-cost electronics can be a good option since you're not competing with the big companies.

5. Office Products and Tools

Stationery items like keyboard trays, mugs, notepads, and more are great options for reverse dropshipping businesses. And that's because; They are usually inexpensive and customers do not expect high quality. One thing you should do is make sure you are not selling products that are copyrighted by another company.

6. Car accessories niche

This is another niche to consider. In addition, the automobile plays an important role in the fabric of American culture. Also, most people in the countryside own at least one car and tend to spend a lot of time in it. In this case, you may need to enter products such as bumper stickers that customers can purchase to personalize their bumper stickers.

What you should know before you start reverse dropshipping

Many people shy away from running an online shop. This can sometimes be the result of capital, cost and compliance issues. Either way, you don't have to worry as we've put together some of the things you need to know. It would be a lot easier to start right?

Because of this, of course, you need to understand some facts before you start reverse dropshipping. Otherwise, you won't know how to start, or the process can seem daunting. In this section we remind you what you need to know before opening a reverse dropshipping store.

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1. Choose your niche wisely

Based on the first point, try to choose your niche wisely. This will help you sell the goods or items that you know are in stock from both vendors. This way you have service options. And even if you don't have the exact same item, it's always best to use generics to your advantage.

2. Check for security and fraud issues

Storing customer information is one of the ways to run an ecommerce store successfully. To do this conveniently, you need to keep the customer's card and comply with all sorts of PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards and security audits. The process may seem very expensive, but it's worth it.

What is reverse dropshipping? How should a beginner get started with reverse dropshipping? (5)

3. Processing of returns in direct mail

Handling dropshipping returns can sometimes be a complex task. That's because; involves calculating the cost of delivering the goods and all related transactions. If a customer needs to return an item, always make sure it is in good condition if you wish to return it.

4. Build your brand

We think that's something you should keep in mind when you start a dropshipping business for the first time. Therefore, always understand that your business has more value if you can reposition what you are selling. From there, find a product and sell it as your own brand with custom packaging.


You will never have a setup and forget about the marketing or advertising solution if there is no targeting. Reverse dropshipping requires proper thought, which is why you can see many people start small and succeed. Want to learn more about the best reverse dropshipping niche or ecommerce reviews and ideas to grow your business? VisitDropshipping Niche Finder - FindNiche. However, create a strategic plan and make your entrepreneurial dream come true today.


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