34" Acer Nitro XV340CKP - Specifications (2023)


Company name of the manufacturer.


Name of the series to which the model belongs.

Nitro XV0Model

model designation.

Nitro XV340CKPModell-Alias

Other known model designations.

Nitro XV340CK P
XV340CK Pbmiipphzxmodel year

The year this model was announced.

size class

Screen size class specified by the manufacturer. This is often the rounded value of the actual diagonals in inches.

34 em(Customs service)Diagonal

Approximate screen size. If the manufacturer does not provide this information, the diagonal is calculated from the width and height of the screen.

863,6 mm(mm)
34 em(Customs service)
2.8333 cakes(Cake)ancho

Approximate screen width. If the manufacturer does not provide this information, the width is calculated from the diagonal and the aspect ratio.

799,8 Millimeter(mm)
31,4882 em(Customs service)
2,624 cakes(Cake)Height

Approximate screen height. If the manufacturer does not provide this information, the height is calculated from the diagonal and the aspect ratio.

13.1811 em(Customs service)
1.0984 cakes(Cake)Panel-Typ

There are several panel technologies. Each has its specific characteristics: viewing angles, color rendering, response time, brightness/contrast, cost of production, etc. Image quality is directly related to the type of display panel used.

IPSPanel bit depth

The most commonly used panels are those with 6, 8, and 10 bits for each of the RGB components of the pixel. They offer 18-bit, 24-bit and 30-bit color respectively.

8 BitNuclear

The maximum number of colors that the monitor can reproduce depends on the type of panel used and on color enhancement technologies such as FRC.

16777216 Core
24 Bitscreen ratio

The ratio between the horizontal side and the vertical side of the screen. Some of the common and widely used ratios are 4:3, 5:4, 16:9 and 16:10.


Information about the number of pixels on the horizontal and vertical sides of the screen. With a higher resolution, you can view a more detailed and high-quality image.

3440 x 1440 Pixelpixels size

Pixel pitch shows the distance from the centers of two adjacent pixels. For native resolution screens (e.g. TFTs), the pixel pitch depends on the screen resolution and size.

0,233 Millimeter(mm)
0,0092 em(Customs service)
0.0008 cake(Cake)pixel density

Information about the number of pixels in a length unit. As the screen size decreases and the resolution increases, the pixel density increases.

109 ppp(pixels per inch)
43 ppm(pixels per centimeter)exhibition space

The percentage of the approximate area occupied by the active portion of the screen to the total frontal area.


Backlight is the light source for LCD display panels. The type of backlight determines the image quality and color space of the screen. There are different backlights like CCFL, LED, WLED, RGB-LED etc.


sRGB is a color space developed jointly by Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft in 1996. It is used in various devices like printers, monitors, TVs, cameras, etc. The sRGB color space covers about 72% of the NTSC color space.

100%(Percent)NTSC (1953)

The NTSC (1953) color space was introduced by the FCC in 1953 with the advent of color television and has a wider color space than sRGB.


Screen brightness information. It is measured in candelas per square meter (cd/m²).

250cd/m²(candelas per square meter)static contrast

Static contrast shows the ratio between the lightest and darkest colors that the screen can display simultaneously, for example within the same frame/scene.

1000: 1Dynamic Contrast

Dynamic contrast shows the ratio between the lightest and darkest colors that the screen can reproduce over time, for example when playing a video.

100000000: 1HDR

HDR expands the contrast ratio (maximum luminance and minimum black levels) and color palette to get more detail across the entire image, from the darkest to the brightest parts, resulting in a more realistic and true-to-life image.

HDR10horizontal viewing angle

Information about the maximum horizontal viewing angle within which the screen image is of acceptable quality.

178°(Grad)vertical viewing angle

Information about the maximum vertical viewing angle within which the screen image has acceptable quality.


Information about the type of screen coating. There are different types of matte and gloss coatings, each with their own advantages and disadvantages.

Antideslumbrante/MateResponse time - 1 ms (VRB - Virtual Response Boost)

Information on whether 3D is supported or not.

vertical frequency (digital)

The vertical frequency/refresh rate shows how many times in one second the image on the screen is refreshed.

48Hz - 144Hz(idiots)

Permissible voltage tolerance for a 110 volt vehicle electrical system.

100V - 120V(Volt)220V

Permissible voltage tolerance in a 220 volt vehicle electrical system.

220 V - 240 V(Volt)AC frequency

AC current frequency requirement in the electrical system.

50Hz - 60Hz(idiots)power consumption (off)

Power consumption in off mode.

0,5 Watt(Watt)Power consumption (idle)

Power consumption in sleep/standby/sleep mode.

0,5 Watt(Watt)Power consumption (average)

Average power consumption in standard working mode.

38W(Watt)Power consumption (maximum)

Maximum possible energy consumption.

60 W(Watt)Energy Consumption (Annual)

Estimated energy consumption per year in kWh.

56kWh(kilowatt hour)energy efficiency class

The energy efficiency class/label gives a general overview of the energy consumption. There are different energy efficiency classes and each has its own energy consumption requirements. Some of the existing energy efficiency classes are A+++, A++, A+, A, B, C, D, E, F, G.


Unsupported width in various units of measurement.

32.2 inches(Customs service)
2.6833 cakes(Cake)Height

Height is not supported in different units of measure.

374,7 mm(mm)
14.752 inches(Customs service)
1.2293 cakes(Cake)depth

Depth is not supported in different units of measure.

3.9055 em(Customs service)
0.3255 cake(Cake)Weight

Unsupported weight in various units of measure.

16.31 pounds(Lb)width with bracket

Width is supported in different units of measure.

817,88 Millimeter(mm)
32.2 inches(Customs service)
2.6833 cakes(Cake)height with stand

Height with support in different units of measurement.

18.1142 m(Customs service)
1.5095 cakes(Cake)depth with support

Depth is supported in various units of measure.

10.6 inches(Customs service)
0.8833 cake(Cake)weight with stand

Weight is supported in different units of measure.

18.81 pounds(Lb)Nuclear

Information about the colors in which the specific model is offered on the market.

VESA mount

Information on the possibility of wall mounting according to the VESA Mounting Interface Standard (MIS).

SimInterface VESA

There are many different interfaces under the VESA standard, which differ in the size of the brackets, the spacing of the screw holes and the number of them.

100 x 100 mmremovable support

Information on whether the bracket can be dismantled. This is typically required for wall mounting.

Simheight adjustment

Indication of whether the stand is height-adjustable.

Simheight adjustment range

Indication of the extent to which the tripod can be adjusted in height.

4.7244 em(Customs service)
0.3937 cake(Cake)turn left, turn right

Information whether the screen can be rotated around the mounting axis.

Simleft turning

Maximum degree of screen rotation to the left of the support axis.

180°(Grad)right turn

Maximum degree of screen rotation to the right of the support axis.

180°(Grad)Tilt forward/backward

Most screens can be tilted back and forth to provide the user with a more comfortable viewing position.

SimLean forwards

Maximum degree of screen tilt forward.

(Grad)sit back

Maximum degree of screen tilt backwards.


The speaker is a device that converts electrical audio signals into acoustic vibrations that result in the corresponding sounds.


Information on whether the current model has a built-in camera or not.


Information about available connectivity ports, slots and interfaces such as USB, IR port, SD card slot, network and audio/video interfaces etc.

2 x USB 3.0 (Type A; downstream; BC 1.2 charging at 2A)
1 x USB 3.0 (Typ-B; Upstream)
2 x HDMI 2.0
2 ports as DisplayPort 1.4
1x 3.5 mm audio output

Information about additional software features, technologies, functions and model services.

Technology AMD FreeSync
flicker-free technology
low blue light
Certificates, standards and licenses

List of standards, certificates and licenses supported/obtained by the current model.


Information about some of the main accessories included in the standard package of the current model.

Cable HDMI
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